Monday, February 9, 2015

Volunteer Opportunity!

There is a group planning a new event, one with some serious creativity!   They are seeking volunteers for their planning committee, as well as participants and event day volunteers.  See the message below... and make contact if it's a good fit for you!

Contact Craig at if you're interested in assisting... Thanks for all you do!  Team R.E.D. members crush everything!

Subject: Coyote Games

Making a difference!

I know I should be committed but we are hosting another event at Coyote Creek Outdoors.  This event is separate from our cancer fundraising event held on August 1, 2015- Shoot for the Cure-, which is basically a 3-D archery event.

This event which so far is called Coyote Games is structured somewhat after similar runs like Tough Mudder,  Hunger Games with everyone (living) winning.   The twist on this event is it will include archery, tomahawk throwing, creek crossing challenge, and many other obstacles designed for the runner who needs a fun challenge to go to the next level.   In the last 4 years Coyote Creek has raised 210,000 dollars for cancer research at our facility.  We know we can do much better and because of the popularity and our great location we decided to jump in (literally)!

We are having an organizational meeting at 6:30 this Wednesday February 11, at Coyote Creek in our classroom.  You have been asked to attend to support us with ideas, organization, volunteering, and to make a difference!  Bring a friend or anyone who wants to help out.  Best part is you do not have to go around begging for wine baskets etc.  Our proceeds come from the entry fees. 

So far the best date the team has come up with is June 27th as it has the least amount of conflicts with other running events in the area.  I know some who are on board cannot make it but please contact me if you can be a small part of this.  Many hands make the heavy lifting light!

It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no man can sincerely help another without helping himself. –Ralph Waldo Emerson-


Craig Reichel
Reichel Foods Inc.

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