Friday, February 20, 2015

Foot Hoodies

Before the Foot Hoodie chatter... just a reminder the Long Run from the RAC is approx 10 miles starting at 7:15am.   If you'd like additional miles, there are some members pre-loading at 6:15am and they will join the full crew at 7;15am.


Wendy and I (along with others) have been testing a product produced by Steve & Jean Knutson, both Team R.E.D. Members.  The product is called Foot Hoodies, and they fit over the toes of your shoe, keeping wind, snow and moisture out, while still allowing your feet to breathe.  We like them a lot!

Wendy often get's very cold toes... typically she would wear toe warmers, on a recent walk, she skipped the toe warmers and used the hoodies instead and her feet remained warm.

I have one big toe that often get's very cold (I think it is due to a prior frost nip)... I've worn the hoodies on three runs (two of them with below zero windchill), and have never experienced a cold toe.

There might be some design things they can work on, but from a results stand point, we really like this product!  - I have in the past, and I know many of you have used Duct Tape to keep your toes warm, this is a bit more stylish solution, and gives your feet more breathing room compared to Duct Tape.

 11 Below Zero Windchill

Foot Hoodies worked! 


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