Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Parking & Route Talking

Just a friendly reminder on a couple of items to keep in mind for the establishments that we start and finish our group workouts at.

  • It's a great courtesy for us to not take the prime parking spots.  Please park in a space away from the main entrance so that other customers don't arrive at 6:10pm and fail to find good parking spots and think  "it's too busy, let's go someplace else." when in fact it's not too busy... we arrive at 6pm, and might not be back until 6:45 or 7pm...  and not to mention, we're endurance athletes, we can handle the walk to the front door! 
  • When we gather inside of a place of business, we should try to find a gathering space that does not interrupt traffic flow... Many of us, myself included, stop very near the front door. Finding the right place for a group to gather is a tough one for all of us as there is not always an easy answer... but we can do it!   i.e. Beatles you can usually stand along the bar which gets you away from the door, at the Bears Den our space in back is typically already reserved, so just head there.  
By the way.. the places we visit love hosting us, and they love the business.  In fact, nobody has complained about these types of issues for a long time, so I'm just trying to stay ahead of it.   It's easy to forget the protocol... and of course, we are seeing so many wonderful new members who may have never heard this. 

Reminder complete! 


Seven people participated in the Progressive Run tonight!  We have some work to do on figuring out the right route in Rochester, but we can do it.  We want to be mostly flat terrain, and minimize street crossings.  We're planning to continue the workout on Wednesday evenings... we'll find the right start/finish for a Rochester location, and we'll find some sort of rotation to be in Byron occasionally as well.

If you've never tried this workout, give it a shot!  It tests you physically, as well as mentally.  If you tell me what you want to hit for your final mile, I can help you plan the progression.  


Check out Sunday's "peek at the week" post and you'll find a great race hosted by the Optimist Club of Rochester on Saturday, as well as a Snowshoe Opportunity for Sunday!  Additionally, the locations for Saturday & Sundays Off Season Striders have been updated! 

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