Sunday, February 8, 2015

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend for Team R.E.D!  - be sure to check out the upcoming weeks activities in the previous post, and check back as updates continue.

It all started with Saturday mornings Off Season Striders.. there were 25-30 runners, creating a lot of paces for people to find a running partner or group!  Additionally, there were some new faces that we'd love to see more of as well!  - one of the new faces was Heather and she is a brand new Team R.E.D. Member!

Saturday night, a handful of Team R.E.D. were spotted at Boomers watching one of our newest members sign for Nite Shift.  Kasey and her band crushed it in front of a full house! I don't have pics of everyone as Wendy and I arrived pretty late.

Gwen, Ann & Wendy on the Dance Floor!  - Jess and Lorelei are out there too, but apparently hiding from the camera!

Kasey belting it out!  She was strong, as was Nite Shift!

Lorelei found a gentleman who was ready to dance!  I thought she was going to knock him right over!

Sunday morning brought along another Off Season Striders... while Sunday afternoon provided a snowshoe & sleigh ride opportunity!

Some preparing to snowshoe while others preparing to sleigh ride!

Wendy, Cathy, Mary & Elaine getting rolling. 

Beautiful horses on the property.

Dennis at the reins with Caylee as co-pilot.  Dawn and Nona are the backseat drivers! Dennis & Nona are Mike's parents, and they were kind to host us for the afternoon!

Dave, Cathy, Wendy, Mary, Elaine, Ann, Mike & Gwen... Mike has not sleeves, who knew?!  And it was Cathy's Birthday....  Happy Birthday! 

A woodland hideout! Or potential dog house when Dennis is in hot water. 

Mike and his dad, exploring the property. 

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