Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend of Fun!

Everybody's working for the weekend!  It's finally here, and the temperatures seem favorable!

Thursday night was fun at the Den!  A good turnout of runners and eaters, drinkers!   Wind was a little brutal, but all seemed to navigate without trouble!   Below you'll see Aaron and Sam are the winners of the Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney... clearly they are not the winners of the "lucky for us O'Leary is a great photographer" award, because that would be an award impossible to create!  

Aaron & Sam with their Bears Den Gift Cards! 

Satuday 7:15am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon Training run starts from the RAC.   The marathon Route is officially 14 miles.  You can easily add miles by looping Silver Lake.  I would estimate the Half Marathon route is roughly half of that... and same thing applies, you can loop silver lake for an extra 1.8 miles per loop.   
  • Some members are gathering at the RAC at 5:30am to preload miles (will circle back to connect with the next group). 
  • Some members are gathering at the RAC at 6am to preload miles (will circle back to connect with the 7:15 group). 
Sunday 8am:  Off Season striders will be out for a run.. usually 6ish miles.   Gather at Brothers Bar & Grill - park in the back lot, and come inside to hear the route talk.   Additionally, some members are starting at 7am for a little extra mileage and will connect with the 8am runners. 
Sunday 12:30pm:  The Snowshoe crew is heading to the 1st bridge of Oxbow once again!  This may prove to be the nicest day of the weekend!   Get out and enjoy!  

More to come regarding the week ahead... but you can anticipate a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday set of opportunities!  

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