Saturday, March 8, 2014

I hear Sleigh-bells Jingling!

The Sunday Snowshoe crew may have an opportunity for a sleigh ride!  In order to accommodate that possibility, we're moving the event to the Nepstad Homested.

You can still meet at the 1st bridge of Oxbow at 12:30, but don't put on your shoes yet.. Mike will meet you there, and lead a caravan to the new location (about 1 mile north of Oxbow along the gravel road that you take as you enter the park).

In summary....

  • Meet at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow at 12:30pm on Sunday
  • Join the caravan to the Nepstads
  • Enjoy an afternoon snowshoe is much warmer weather!  
  • Bring your favorite recovery drink!  
  • If elements allow, also enjoy a sleigh ride!    

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