Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thank You!

I just realized I never posted a Thank You message regarding the Pancake Breakfast run and fun! It was awesome to see so many turn out, especially given that brutal cold wind!

You are all amazing, generous and supportive... Thanks for all your participation, contributions, well wishes and volunteerism!  With that last item, volunteerism, I'd like to offer a few specific thank you's to some of our Team R.E.D. volunteers...  

  • Randy Q for his continued support at the water stop on the side of a wide open, cold hill!  Randy has been at that location for 5 consecutive years!  Randy also helps create the route that you all love to run so much.. blame him! blame him! 
  • Paul C spent the entire morning in the kitchen washing dishes!  (well, not the entire morning, around 10:45 he could be spotted belly up to the bar!)  Now that Annette knows he knows how, things will likely be different around that household! 
  • Diane P was our greeter and money taker (you can't raise funds without a quality money taker!)
  • Wendy O... Wendy is the brains behind this event... She's there start to finish, year after year!  She's also my favorite Team R.E.D. member!   
  • Several others helped shuttle people back into Rochester, that too was fantastic! 
  • Additionally, we had support from several non - red members who may not see this post.  So we'll thank them seperately. 
  • Don't forget the Bears Den!  Awesome support for the JDRF Fundraiser!  
All the money collected goes directly to JDRF, the leading source of funding for Type-1 Diabetes Research.   This event feeds into the May 18th Roll & Stroll at Soldiers Field.  Last year we raised more than $114,000 at the Roll & Stroll!   If you're around, consider joining us for the 3 mile walk, run, bike, roller-blade, scooter.. whatever you like!  It's not a race, but an event filled with games, prizes, music and fun. 

2013 Roll & Stroll

Also.. in the weekend events of the post below.. I forgot to add the newly created Sunday Morning Oxbow Trail Run.   Meet at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow at 9am to log some miles on the trail fun!  (the first bridge is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you drive the gravel road to the park). 

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