Monday, March 17, 2014

Pancakes for Goodness Sake!

For anyone who missed Randy Q's pitch for the breakfast, I've attached the written version below.  It's to the theme of the Direct TV commercials you may be familiar with, you know the commercial that ends with "don't let your dad get punched in the stomach over a can of soup"

Without further delay... Randy!

Folks, next Saturday you have an option of running a different route where you will end up at the JDRF pancake feed in Byron.  This is the 5th year we have done this, where you leave a change of clothes at the RAC before you take off and your clothes will be waiting for you at the Bears Den in Byron, and we will shuttle you back to the RAC after the $7 pancake feed.

I want you to know that when you run the same route, you get bored.
When you get bored, you pick up hitch hikers.
When you pick up hitch hikers, you learn how to talk smart and dress inappropriately.
When you talk smart and dress inappropriately, you get arrested by undercover cops.
When you get arrested by undercover cops, you put shame on your mother.
Don't put shame on your mother, run the new JDRF route to Byron next Saturday and do some good for the kids in need.

Your mom would be proud!

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