Friday, November 22, 2013

Winners Winners!

I think we have discovered who is the most inappropriate on our team!    They will not be named on the blog, nor will the content of their shirts be released here... but they were good!

The winner of the woman's division had an exceptionally fun entry that resonates well with fans of the tv series, the Brady Bunch.!   She is now a two time winner!

The winner of the men's division was much more direct with what he wants, and when!  His wife is also a previous winner.  I'm not sure if that means they are creative or flat out inappropriate!

I will go on record, I once again.. did not win because I am very angelic.   It's a burden I'm willing to bear.


Everybody have fun this weekend, whether you're running Living History Farms, Off Season Striders, getting out on your own, or just showing up to bottle wine... wherever the weekend takes you, make the best of it!

Speaking of bottling wine.. you are invited to the Mesenburg home this Sunday to help with the lastest batch of Chocolate Raspberry Port (aka: CRaP).   Bottling begins at 5:30pm at 1098 8th Ave NW in Byron... and should take a couple hours at max.    -- if you plan to attend, please bring something to share, as the hosts are providing pizza.   Sampling will likely certainly take place.

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