Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Going the miles!

Congrats to Amy and Ann who pushed each other on their longest runs of their lives!  Each logging 17 miles for the first time, as they prepare for their first marathons!  (Amy is preparing for her 1st two marathons!)   

They got caught in a little rain for the last few minutes, but they got it done!  Very nice teamwork!

New Distance PR! Amy and Ann

  • Tuesday Trail 6:15pm: Essex park in Rochester is the place.  Fun is the plan.  We'll hit some of the trails and then enjoy the evening with some great friends!  
  • Wednesday 5pm:  You can join the Rochester Track Club for the trash pickup along soldiers field.  Lots of goodies to find along that fence line!
    • Meet at the traffic light post on the north side of hwy 14 (across from HyVee).  Jean will provide bags and gloves (you may want to bring a headlamp and be sure to dress warm!) 
    • Plan to have a 'good works' social afterwards at either Brothers or Oneils 
  • Upddate to Track pickup.. it's been rescheduled for Sunday morning at 9:15am.. same place, at the stop light across from HyVee.  Jean will provide bags and gloves.
  • Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:  One of the favorites of the year...  Inappropriate t-shirt night!   Below is a sample of a shirt (one that likely isn't over the line enough, but good none the less) ... get creative!  Make your own or buy one.  If you can't do either.. come along anyway as Tod and Meg have plenty to share from the loaner closet! 

    • Hosted by Tod & Meg at 8431 14th Street NW Byron.   ***NOTE:  while the address says NW, they are actually located on the east edge of Byron.... Here's the direction from Meg...
      • Going west on Hwy 14, take a right on co rd 3. We are exactly 1/2 mile...   House on the rt side surrounded by pine trees. Can't miss it. Hope to see you there.   Contact phone #'s are 775-0931 or 272-7707 
      • Routes will be in the range of 3-6 miles... you choose how far you like to go.  
      • Don't have an inappropriate shirt?  (because you're a saint like Tom O).. well, no worries, Tod has loaners, turns out he has quite a few! 
      • Prizes will be awarded for most tasteless t-shirts!

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