Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Long Sleeves are in!

The highly anticipated new long sleeve shirts are in.... and the even more highly anticipated new singlets are a step closer to being in! 

Adam, Wendy and I worked out some of the final details for the singlet.  Now we're working with TerraLoco on pricing and availability of some nice Brooks mens and womens singlets to print on. High quality singlets and a fun design... Hope to get those singlets on to the printing stage very soon...

In the meantime.. here's a peek at the new long sleeve shirt.  They are the Sport Tek brand.  It's a quality wicking material, with a good fit for both men and women.   

The back...

The left arm..
The wrinkled view...   meanwhile the front still has the runner guy, with the words Team R.E.D. on left chest.

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