Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Living History Farms Bus Manifesto

The Manifesto regarding the Living History Farms bus has been emailed... if you were planning to ride the bus, and didn't receive an email.. let me know!  I'll get it forwarded to you.

If you received the email, but are not planning to join us.. please let me know that too... I sometimes get mixed up on the list!

Also note... the ride is 10 bucks and that covers the drivers tip, and beer for us!  If you are interested in pulled pork, jo-jo's and cole slaw at the Den when we return, that's another 6 bucks, payable on the bus, so I can call ahead and give them an approx head count.  We'll be tired up our return, but it's good to have a little real food, and some calm down time before heading home.


Off Season Striders info for anyone looking for some local miles with friends.   See notes from Jean below.

Saturday Nov. 23rd   
             Charlie's On 2nd    @ 7:30am   Meet in the Brentwood hotel foyer.  
?Perhaps we can head west on 2nd St and do the loop up/over History Center hill.  Those who want more miles can run to Mayowood Rd,  otherswise we head back on Cty 8 to W. Frontage   

Sunday Nov. 24th 
            Panera South    @ 8am
  We never know when it's going to be the last time until Spring-- shall we head out Mayowood trail again?   
Also-- for anyone interested in some community service,  please join RTC Board members at 9:15am for a hopefully quick trash pick-up on the bike trail on south side of Soldier's Field golf course.  Bags provided..  

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