Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We may or may not like it....

... but it's fall / winter running time!  

Be sure to wear something reflective during every early morning run and every evening run (or walk!)   Headlamps are awesome... some drivers will complain about them being distracting, however, I would argue, at least they saw us!

Here's a pic of the SE Mn trail run on Tuesday... I continue to suggest you get to these runs, they are so much fun!  We are not nearly as cold as it appears.... and there is a castle behind us!  How often do you run to a castle?  Well, you can run through one on Saturday!

The few the proud...  Peter, David, Oliver, Anhar, Tom... and not pictured here is the leader... Jim! 

  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den in Byron.  We'll have routes from 3 to 5 miles.... keep in mind the Vikings play that evening, so the Den will likely be hopping!  Wear some football gear post workout if you see fit.. I still fit into my Jared Allen jersey, we're about the same size!
  • Saturday 9am:  Gamehaven True Cross Country Race!  Not registered?  No worries, you can register at the Running Room on Friday evening, or on race day morning starting at 7am.   
    • Team R.E.D. has a theme of Hippie - Summer of Love!  (get your hippe on, but put some under clothes under there, it may be a tad chilly!) - The Team R.E.D. banner will be on display so you can find the crew! 
    • If you're currently a Team R.E.D. member or not... but want to get on board with the hippie theme... just do it!  Come visit us, get involved in the fun! 
  • Saturday 7:30am:  If you're not running Gamehaven, but want some miles you can meet Off Season Striders for some miles and fun at Newts North.
  • Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are at it again.. this time from Brothers Bar & Grill... park in the back, and come inside the back door to hear the route talk.
Another great pic appeared tonight... Team R.E.D. is now on the wall at TerraLoco!  They are a great addition to our running community and now showing off the R.E.D. ! 

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