Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Full Week Ahead!

The biggest event in my eye is....   Teri got married to a wonderful guy!  Eric has run with us a few times... he is simply afraid to join (actually, I don't think he's afraid to join... he just hasn't gotten around to it!).    I'll share some more pics, when they are cleared....   of course, Teri is an awesome member, and the wedding was reported as wonderful... I know the reception was fantastic, with dancing and all!

Here's a quick peek at the happy couple!  So awesome! 

Eric and Teri... hitched!

Here's a low down of what I saw of race results this weekend... it's a lot of stuff!  If you raced, and I missed you.. please drop me an email!  I like to capture everyone if possible... but you all are so active!  

  • Three Team R.E.D. members had fantastic marathons today!   Congrats to Andy, Marilee and Bri for strong performances at Quad Cities.   Marilee grabbed hardware for 1st place in her age group!   For results, check out the following link
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  • The Hogan's were in force at the Birkie Trail Run... with Team R.E.D. members Alyssa and Diana having great races... and sister Grace looking wonderful as well!   For results check the following link.
  • The In Yan Teopa Trail Run drew some more members, with Peter, Mase and Lana all having fun on the trails... great results here as well!  For results check the following link
  • Mike Nepstad ran the Kickoff to Football 5K yesterday.  He reported it as an event Team R.E.D. would love!   Roger Craig was one of the celebrities present... he has taken up distance running after his NFL career.  Along with recording your race time, they record your last 40 yards... so you can compare yourself with the NFL 40 yard dash times...  Mike beat Roger Craig in that category!  
  • Millie pulled off a Duathlon!   Bike/Run... and she had fun.   Said something like, "I think I like Duatholons as there is no swimming involved."   I put quotes on that, but it's merely a paraphrase.   I haven't seen official results from the Treadman... so if you ran it, let me know!  (or if you have the results, please share them!).

Monday 6pm:   Come join us at Wildwood Sportsbar and Grill for some fitness and fun! The plan is about the same as usual; we run or walk and then we have a few laughs! There may be a surprise during the run but you will have to show up to get the details!
Tuesday 6pm:  Bill Barnacle State Woodland trail run.   Meet at the BP station in Marion at 6:00 PM and we'll caravan/carpool out to Bill Barnacle. The fall colors are just starting to show up and BB is a favorite place to see them. Plan for about 4 miles of fun. If you have a headlamp you may need it towards the end of the run.  It's a lot drier than it was in May. Running through water is optional :)
Wednesday 5:30pm:   Speed session on the Douglas trail starting at the trail head in Rochester.  The trailhead is located on Valley High, near the back side of IBM.  
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. has another fantastic home host!  Jim Li has invited us to his home in Rochester for a run or walk, and of course, a social post exercise.  Details, such as address are coming soon.   
Friday 7:30pm:   The O'Leary's are hosting a Living History Farms Registration Party! 
  • Join us at our home at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron. 
  • Beer, Wine and Snacks are provided.
  • Bring your ipad, laptop or whatever you like to use to connect to the world wide web, and then at 10pm we'll all get registered for the Living History Farms Off Road Race. 
  • The Charter bus has been booked, now we just need to know who is getting on it!  -- bus holds about 50 people and 6-12 coolers!
  • Living History Farms race takes place Nov 23rd at 9am... our bus will depart from the Bears Den in Byron at 4am... and we'll return to Byron at 4pm.   This is a fun ride!

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