Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend, Monday, Tuesday!

Thanks to the Mesenburg's & Nepstads for hosting such a great evening Thursday.  Lots of miles, and even more smiles!  

The evening started out with a B.E.D. crew of Bike. Eat. Drink. and then rolled into a group of runners and walkers!  Of course, eventually, we're all together again! 

Don, Randy, Judy, Tom & Sarah.... Bike. Eat. Drink!

What's on the Agenda for the next little bit? See below! 

  • Saturday 7am:  The Marathon training run is set for 14 miles!  The description below is a copy and paste from Dan's Blog at   You can find information like you see below each week regarding the training runs.   - They are fantastic training runs with a large group, and as you see in the note below, they are supported with volunteers at water stations!
    •  RAC run Saturday July 13th, 7 AM this route is 14 miles and has 3 water stop locations 1 at Mayo credit union, 2 at Kutzky park, and 3rd at Kindercare daycare,  with us picking up the 3rd location twice after making a 5 mile loop  for 7 miles half marathoners will go back after the second water stop at Kutzky park.
  • Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders take off from Panera South for a 4-6 miler.  Of course, you can always change the distance if you want a little more.. a little less.  Come out and enjoy a cup of coffee post run!
  • Sunday 6pm:  All comers meet in Byron.   Bring your kids and enjoy this free event at the track located at the Middle School.  They'll have a chance to long jump, high jump, shot put and run races on the track!
    • Volunteers needed for this event!  Last time, it lasted until approx. 7:20pm.   Commit 60-90 minutes and come join us!  Please email me at if you're available to help!   Every job is easy!   I promise...
  • Monday 6pm: The Monday Maniacs are heading back to Douglas!  We'll gather at the trail parking lot... and run/walk an out and back on the Douglas Trail.  Post workout, we'll head to the Saloon (one of the happiest places on earth!)  
Douglas Saloon, Voted #1 Most Comfy Chairs!   (I just made that up, but they are comfy!)

  • Tuesday 6:15pm-  The Trail crew goes for a Root River Ramble!  The park is 8.2 miles south of Mayo HS just stay on Co Rd 1 and look for the small sign pointing to the park.  It's a lot of fun just outside the city.   Join in for the ramble, then head over to Whistle Binkies for the post party!

Some Don't Forgets!   - and all the don't forgets have an opportunity to volunteer.. please consider! 

  • Torch Light 5K in Minneapolis- Carpool leaves Rochester at 4:30pm (that's should be communicated as 4:15pm for Becker and Monica).   We'll gather at the walmart/sam club parking lot along 55th St NW.    We meet near the Kwik Trip.    This is a USATF event!  Go Team R.E.D.   -- if anyone still wants in, there's still time!
  • Beer Mile Thursday 7pm! If you're not running in the beer mile, I struggle to understand why not.  But.. if you're not, you can still come at 6pm.. go for a run or walk, and be back in time to cheer on the Beer Milers!   --   -- want to volunteer? - contact Jen or Dan at ,
  • Good Neighbor Days 5K Saturday July 20th at 8am!  Get your registration form at the following link   Charro is still accepting runners/walkers and Volunteers!   If you'd like to volunteer, please email Charro at 
  • Sunday July 21st 5:30pm - Team R.E.D. is hosting a FREE Kids Mile on the Good Neighbor Day parade route.  Bring the kids and have some fun!  We can probably use a couple volunteers getting this thing rolling... it should be a blast!  - if you want to volunteer for this gig, please send me an email at
  • Sunday July 21st 6pm:  - Team R.E.D. is marching in the parade!   We'll sing some songs, toss out candy and can coolies!  Come join us!  You can volunteer for the kids race, and march!  -- Watch for news regarding a pre-parade tune up.  (we have to work on our chants!).    If you're planning to march in the parade... please email me at


  1. Is there race day registration for the Beer Mile?

  2. Yes.. race day registration is available! 4:30-6:30pm at the Bears Den.