Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's here! Join the fun!

Thanks to Chris for providing the important reminder below: 

Beer Mile!  Join us tonight at the Bears Den!   Race day registration runs from 4:30pm-6:30pm with the race rolling at 7pm!  

Join us at 6pm for the regular Team R.E.D. tonight starting with a 3, 4 or 6 mile run or walk... you'll be back in time to take part, or spectate Beer Mile! 

The Torchlight 5K was a big hit!  A big hot hit!  Team R.E.D. members conquered the course successfully, leaving a little sweat on the streets of Minneapolis... and later, celebrated appropriately.   We'll post USATF Team Results as soon as they are available (typically a couple of days). 

Many Thanks to Chris and K&S Heating for sponsoring the post race gathering at The Loon!  -- Remember, when your stuff breaks, call him! 

As you can see below, Tom and Diana tied in the post-race pushup challenge.  Officials say Diana won the tie breaker by looking better and making less painful sounding noises during the event!

Downtown Minneapolis... you can nearly see the heat!


Catching up with KP & Rachel... They completed their 22nd Marathon Missoula this month!  Additionally, they displayed Team R.E.D. pride at the Vancouver Marathon in June! - Way to roll...

And another important note... They are celebrating their 6 Year Anniversary today!  Happy Anniversary!

Representing at Vancouver!
#22 in the books!

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