Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hear Ye Hear Ye

After discussion with several Team R.E.D. members, I hereby issue one of the very few rules of Team R.E.D.  This rule is called the Only/Just Rule.

  • I hereby declare, starting this Third day of May in the year Two Thousand and Fifteen, when speaking or writing about the distance of a walk, run or a race, Team R.E.D. members shall not precede the distance or pace with words such as "only", "just" or any other descriptors that may minimize the effort.  
For example, it is now against the rules to say "I just ran the half marathon." or "I only ran four miles."   or "I just walked the 10 mile" or "I only did a 10/min mile"  --- all distances and paces are valid and worthy of pride and appreciation for the gift we've all been granted, the gift of fitness.

Let it be declared, each and every member is authorized to serve as judge and jury while calling out a violation of the Only/Just rule.  Penalty for any violations during a Team R.E.D. gathering is assigned by the judge/jury up to, but not to exceed 10 push-ups.  The team will help you count!


What a great weekend, including a wonderful turnout of Team R.E.D. members at the Spring Classic 15K & 5K!

I can't believe we didn't snap a team pic at this one!  Of he 79 15K finishers, 30 of them were Team R.E.D.ers, including:

  • Dan Feda, Joe Ryan, Ryan Diepenbrock, Tom O'Leary, Jen St Amand, Dan Leach, Dale Godbut, Dave Eide, Angela Eide, Larry Kleppe, Marv Misgen, Gwen Jacobson, Randy Price, Oliver Tobin, Marissa Vaughn, Lorelei Hanson, Julie Yost, Satish Selvaraju, Rick Devine, Rick Fishbune, Heidi Wallgren, Lana Lappi, Sonja Kranz, Cory Masen, Jean Murray, Cathy Torgerson, Troy Bellrichard,  Kim Carpenter-Hakes, Gail Hakes, Scott Kranz!  
There were 35 5K finishers, and in that race, Team R.E.D. was well represented represented by:
  • Matt Goens, Elaine Eide, Jill Cordes, Meg Bellrichard
Additionally, Team R.E.D. members had their kids out enjoying the Paul Melby Kids Mile!  What a great morning to celebrate racing!

Dozen of others were involved as volunteers!  It's amazing the work you all do!

I hope I didn't miss anyone... please let me know if I did! 


The boys who traveled to Michigan for the Kalamazoo Marathon did very well!  Congratulations to Tom Woo (2nd in his age group) and Andy Becker (1st in his age group)... both rocked the course with Boston Qualifying finishes!

Tom and Andy carbing up! 
Dave Phillips traveled to Kenosha WI and hammered out another strong marathon!  Nice work Dave!

Dave (left) with friends. 


Monday 5:30pm:  The Hillbillies are at it again!  Meet at the Edina Realty parking lot across from the TJ Maxx Plaza - consider getting stronger on the hills, and weather permitting you might enjoy an outdoor beverage of your choice! - also consider joining the Maniacs at Whistle Binkies north for their social! 
Dale, Lorelei, Megan, Andy, Tom, Gwen & Dan celebrating last weeks workout - and celebrating Lorelei's Birthday! 

Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Whistle Binkies North.  This is a great location to get out and enjoy, and they social is always fun at Binkies!   Join us! 
Tuesday 6pm:  The TerraLoco 5Ks are in full swing. Bring $5 as it always goes to a local Charity! This is a no pressure event, come support a local charity, and our favorite running related store!  
Tuesday 6:15:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Carly State Park.  This is a favorite spot for many!  The bluebells are out! Meet at the first parking lot on the right as you pass the entrance. 
Wednesday 6pm:  Speed on the Track in Byron.   The track is located behind the middle school at 601 4th St NW.  We've had back to back weeks of 300M repeats, so this week we'll change it up a bit.  I understand some want to run a 1600M time trial, sounds good to me.. and then I would suggest a couple of recovery laps... and possibly a short ladder to finish off the night.  It's open for discussion but here's what I suggest for the workout.
  • 1600M warm up
  • 1600M at 1 mile race pace.
  • 2-4 lap recovery
  • 1200M at 5K pace 
  • 400M recovery
  • 800M at 5K pace
  • 400M recovery
  • 400M at Mile pace
  • 1600M cool down
  • That would equate a total of 5 miles for the workout, and 2.5 of it with some speed. 
Here's a pic from last weeks track workout. Remember, track workouts come complete with music on the stadium sound system!  

Brian, Heather, Dale, Claire, Dan, Ryan, Marv, Tom, Dave, Sarah & Anna

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is in Byron at the Bears Den.  We'll have some great routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles and of course, we'll head back to the Den for the social!


Remember to register for the Donut Run!  It's coming up Friday May 29th at 6:30pm.  The post race includes hot dogs, so this is a completely nutritious based event! - and it supports the Byron Cross Country Team!  Please register at

Family fun for all!  

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