Saturday, October 4, 2014

TCM Weekend!

Best wishes to all of you participating in the Twin Cities Marathon Weekend!  It's a great series of events!  The weather will be fantastic for running... here's to your results and overall experience being fantastic as well!

Team R.E.D. 10 Milers will set up a spectating camp near the giant American Flag along John Ireland Blvd (roughly 1/4-1/2 mile from the finish line).  Join us to watch all of our friends finish the Marathon!  Team R.E.D. is providing a couple cases of beer, be sure to have gloves or a can coolie for holding your beverage... brrr for spectating!

If you're not going to the Twin Cities, consider joining Off Season Striders on Sunday as they'll be running from Panera South at 8am.  It's a fun group to run with, typically followed by some coffee, breakfast and chatter.

Check back Sunday for a list of where we'll be during the upcoming week.... no time for the update right now... see you all soon!

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