Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get on the Trails!

Tuesday proved to be a beautiful evening for trail running!  Check out a few pics below..

Rob gets us out of the parking lot (lapped me a few times!)

Cory, Tod and Troy
Beth, Dana, Meagan, Sarah, Shannon (just a little behind them, you'll spot Julie and Yvonne)
We had to go up the hill.. the beer is on top!

Everyone completed 2-3 laps at the park!  Nice work all!  

 What's coming up next?

Wednesday 5:45pm - It's a hill workout starting at Soldiers Field Memorial (the parking lot next to the memorial).   We'll warmup with a light run to the base of the hill, and proceed to run hill repeats,  4,5,6 times... everyone can pick what is right for them.
Thursday 6pm - Gather at the Paradise home  at 355 Carlisle Lane in Rochester.Our home hosts are throwing a Pool Party!   Plan to go for a run or walk first, then come back for a refreshing dip, some water basketball and volleyball is also available.  The Paradises are providing tacos and nachos.  You can bring a dish to share if you like, and bring your own beverage.
Saturday 7am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon Training Long Runs continue from the RAC.   The routes are geared to progress mileage each week in prep for a fall full or half marathon.  If you're not a part of the actual marathon training class, no worries, just bring $1 to help offset the cost of gatorade/bananas and the like.  
Sunday Morning... check back for any plans with Off Season Striders or a trail run.  

And of course... you can register for the Team R.E.D. Beer Mile by visiting   There's  a price hike on Monday July 14th... Register Now!  

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