Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And the winners are....

Congrats to Evan Richardson and Leah Brossoit for their Beer Mile victories!  Evan not only won the 2014 event, he did so while setting a course record running the Beer Mile in 6:07! Interesting to note, Evan's unseated his brother Braden who won the inaugural event but was not back to defend his title in 2014.

For the Women, Leah ran away with the title in a time of 9:16! Very impressive display of speed and drinking. Turns out Leah is a recent college grad, and those years of college prepared her well!  Tohnia Schmidt remains the Women's Course record holder at 8:27.

Complete results will be available at www.rochestertrackclub.com soon.

Champions Leah and Evan! 

Be sure to check out previous posts to see the details of group runs, and upcoming events!  Greeat events like a Pool Party after tonight's trail run!  Also, Thursday is home hosted by the Ryans - always fun!

Also, a reminder to get connected with the many new faces we've been seeing at group runs.  At Monday Maniacs we were joined by two first timers, Jessie and Angela, as well as Dave (who is now nearly a veteran as he ran Monday and Tuesday last week as well!)

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