Friday, August 30, 2013

Women Rock!

Several Team R.E.D. Women are heading to the Twin Cities this weekend for Women Rock!    I mistakenly thought the race was about women racing.. but after I found Erin's facebook picture, it seems there's something else going on too!

Erin on the right... I feel so objectified! 
Here's to a great run for all the Team R.E.D. women out there rocking!    and there are a lot of you! 

Saturday 7am:   If you're sticking around the area this weekend, and looking for a long run, you can join the group run from the RAC as they roll out for 16 miles... join the group!

Below I've added a few special pictures from the Rochester Half Marathon this past Saturday.   All 4 of these represent a First Half Marathon for Team R.E.D. members!  -- It's an awesome accomplishment!
Rob driving the pace

Angela (in blue) rattling off the miles!

Hillary making it look easy

Matt getting support from his kids, Evie and Karsten! 

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