Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun Times!

Monday Maniacs was another great event!  An award winning event in fact!   Elaine received the first ever Elaine "Everything" Eide award for her fantastic half marathon at Grandmas!  She not only PR'd but hammered her goal time... way to go Elaine!

Ann and Gwen did a great job pulling the award together, and making it special from an award standpoint and presentation!  That's fantastic!  Great teammates!  

--- Pictures are not properly uploading to the site tonight, so expect to see some soon! ---

Hey.. not sure if I mentioned, but Wednesday night at 6pm.. we'd love to see you at the Byron middle school for the Donut Run!  This run supports the teams annual training trip.. we are very excited about the season as we have the largest girls team we've had since I've been part of this team!  

It's super affordable.. just 10 bucks for high school students and younger.  15 bucks for the rest of you.  Unlimited donuts, great music, awesome fun, hotdogs (because what's 5 donuts without a hotdog chaser)   Come and enjoy!  

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