Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another fun week ahead!

Here it is... after the week's schedule.. check out a bunch of Donut Run pics provided by Tom W.   Thanks for helping us with the photography Tom, it's always appreciated ! 

  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs head to WildWood Bar & Grill.  They'll head out on the mayowood trail... a loop is close to 6 miles.. but some choose to run out and back, to make a shorter run of it.  Do what you like, but always stay post run for the fun! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The Trail Trotters are heading to Camp Victory!  See the details from Mase on the bullet below.
    • We'll meet at Shop Ko North at 6:00 and caravan/carpool up to CV. We should be running by 6:30.  The trails are nice and packed down from the recent Eco- Tri.  We might have to have a beer at Mac's afterwards :)
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  The plan is still being negotiated.  There might be a tempo/interval run on the Douglas Trail ... or there might be a hill workout starting at Soldiers Field.  Either one will make you stronger, check back for details.
  • Thursday 5:45pm:   Note the early start time!    Team R.E.D. is joining with the Rochester Track club for the evening at the annual picnic at the  Historical Society in Rochester.   We'll go for a walk or run starting at 5:45pm, and join the festivities when we return!   It's a pot luck. Bring your own Beverage of choice.    See the note from the track club website in the bullet below.
    • The RTC will provide tableware and water/soda. Bring a dish to share. You are welcome to bring your own favorite adult beverage also.
      Plan on eating around 6:30ish after the run
      Plan on having a Fantastic time in this 1st ever joint venture
I posted a few of my favorite pics from the donut run below.... the Thunder Mug was a nice addition for the start, thanks to Dan L for providing it, and Mike for making it go boom! 

Smiles at the start... Cross country kids in the lead early, but they are clearly being eyeballed by the team red runners behind them.  

Adam gets rolling while Sarah and Dawn follow his lead

Dave punishing a kid... toying with him

Active PT crew surround Sarah and her friend Emily.  In the black, I sKim.. in the multi color is Heather and with his back to us is Brian.

Amy entering finish times.. Thanks!

I read it on facebook... Tom really is this funny!  with Travis and Peg

Judy still cleaning up after that last donut stop... sarah with a giggle going on.

Byron Girls Cross Country (some of them)....   Taking the race seriously!

Shane corners with his eye on the donuts!

Elaine to the rescue with more donuts!

Lana with kids in tow!  She's a veteran that this event!

Paul and Mike... we're going to need more donuts!

Steve claiming to have eaten 10 donuts?  Lies..!  

What a great night for the event!

Sarah and Emily getting creative with the food...

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