Friday, February 12, 2016

Grandmas Marathon Weekend Lodging

The online registration for dorm rooms at the College of St Scholastic is now open!  Many thanks to Gwen for getting us the low down!  Remember, this year you'll need to book a room, and collect from your own roommates.   If anyone is struggling to find roommates, I would suggest Facebook as a great spot to seek people still seeking roommates!

Visit the following link and make a reservation for your group to stay at the Team R.E.D. preferred lodging!
Important Notes Below:
The prices you see are before taxes and the reservation fee.
If you want four separate bedrooms (these units are four separate bedrooms with a single dorm room bed, living room, and kitchen) be sure you select the Apartment for $570. This rate is a two night rate (whether you stay one night or two). Divided by four = $142.50 per person (bedroom) for the two night Friday/Saturday stay. One person will need to go online and book using a credit card and then collect from your roommates.
There is a place to make a note on the reservation. Add a note as follows: “Please reserve my room in a block/same building with other Team RED reservations”.
Check-in time is usually around 3 p.m. on Friday, June 17th. The reservation link will provide additional information on what is included with the apartment.
Please feel free to contact Gwen Jacobson (507-254-0529, if you have questions but please note she is not making reservations for the group this year, each apartment is responsible for making their own reservation.

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