Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week Ahead

Whew... the High School Track & Field season has come to a successful completion, hopefully that means I can stay a little more ahead on the blog updates!

Congrats to all of you who participated in the Chester Woods Trail Races, or the Relay Across Iowa, or any of the other things you managed to find yourself engaged with!   Donut Run results should be available soon... as will pictures from recent events, but for now, here is the plan as I now it for the next few days.

Volunteer Opportunity at the Rochester Track Club All-Comers meets every Tuesday! Contact Gwen at  if you're available to help!  It's a great event!  The meets have been relocated to John Marshall High School... volunteers should report by 5:45pm. 

  • Monday 5:15pm: It looks like a group is planning a hill workout. Meet at Edina Realty near TJ Maxx and hit the hills for strength building! 
  • Monday 6pm: The Monday Maniacs are heading to Cowboy Jacks at 1625 South Broadway. This is typically a 5-6 mile night, and always a fun location with peanuts and popcorn post workout!
  • Tuesday 6pm: Check out TerraLoco and their weekly 5K for charity! It's just $5 to take part in this fundraising event!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm: Root River Ramble!! Meet in the parking lot at 80th St. SE Rochester. The two mile loop allows you to choose your own distance (in 2 mile increments). Join us for some fun running on a pretty trail and enjoying some laughs afterwards!! 
  • Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the track in Byron.  This crew continues to get after it!  Don't worry about how fast you are now, instead consider this an opportunity to get faster! 
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. is heading back to Brothers Bar & Grill.  Gather at the back entrance to the bar, and we'll do the route talk outside if it's nice, and inside if not so nice.  Plan to walk or run and stay for the fun! 

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