Saturday, June 27, 2015

Opportunity to meet someone doing something pretty amazing!

Hey all.. this is a last minute gig, just learned of it this afternoon.  - A woman by the name of Helene Nelville is running the perimeter of the USA with a mission of spreading the idea of re-thinking the impossible.  She's going to be at the Bears Den in Byron appox 9am Sunday morning (yes, tomorrow!)

If interested in hearing her message, or simply meeting her, there are some options.  Join us at the Den at 9am for a brief chat with Helene.  Or join us at 8:20am, and we'll run toward Rochester, and meet her on her way to the Den.... she'll be running along Hwy 14.   This would be about a 5 mile run for us... and she will be about 1 mile or so into her fresh day!  - She is running to Dodge Center and will take another break, as she has some speaking engagements on Sunday.

So.. in short...

8:20am - Bears Den for a 5 mile out and back
9:00am - Bears Den to hear some words from Helene
9:15am'ish - Bears Den we can escort her out of town with a run to the county line road
10am - Bears Den - Breakfast and Bloody's

Here is a link to her page...

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