Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Member!

What a great night at Team R.E.D. on Thursday!  We had another new member join tonight!  One who we actually had a shirt to fit her!  New shirts and singlets are both on the way.. anyone past due is getting handled (unless they requested the color orange, that is not yet handled).

Angela joins Team R.E.D.... we are lucky to have her on our team! 
The Dream Team! 

Rumor has it the Wednesday progressive was also fantastic, and we see the Tuesday Trail run kicked butt too!   Let's stay after it people!

To protect the innocent, these butts shall remain nameless. 

Awesome mix of new and returning faces!  Trail Crew is on it! 

  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Long run from the RAC is scheduled for 15 miles. There are water/gatorade stations along the way. What a great way to get your long miles in! 
    • Several members are gathering early to preload at 6am. If you want/need more than 15 miles, this is a great option. 
    • The Post Long run gathering is set for Brothers Bar & Grill.  A great breakfast awaits!
    • Some R.E.D. members are planning to cut the course to approx 10 miles.  
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders is gathering at Panera north (note North!.. ) It's not the most common Panera location, so think north!  
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to an all time favorite of mine.. Douglas Saloon!  Park in the trail parking lot, in Douglas.  We'll do an out and back of your favorite distance and then settle in to the most comfortable chairs in Southern Minnesota...  Bring cash, credit cards are not accepted at this establishment. 

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