Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another Full Week!

The weather is cooperating.. and the Saturday morning long run from the RAC was a great success!  Several Team R.E.D. members found the miles easier in that group! Maybe they showed up because there was beer at the water station? No no.. they showed up because they were dedicated! -- it should be noted, one dixie cup at a time, they did manage to consume 7 beers on the 13-20 mile run! 

Carbs! - pic courtesy of Oliver. 

The pic below is from this past Thursday at the Bears Den... Center is Bob, one of our newest Team R.E.D. Members!  Welcome Bob! 

Standing: Jill, Mike, Don Bob, Sarah, Lance, Marisa, Tom,
Kneeling:  Dave, Gwen, Dan, Elaine, Jess, Shannon
Not Pictured:  You!  Get out with us!  

Turn our clocks ahead one hour.. and enjoy the daylight evening fitness! It's a very confusing concept.. spring forward, fall ahead or back, or don't fall down?  - This clip below captures the critical nature of the changing of the clock.



Needs Car Wash in Byron is now offering a free Car Wash to every new member of Team R.E.D.!  If you join now, your $20 will get you a Team R.E.D. T-Shirt and a $12 wash at the newest wash in the area!   --   Don't feel bad for the current members as they already had a shot at car washes when the Eides passed them out at WildWood a few weeks ago!   

Additionally, if you want a discount.. another Team R.E.D. sponsor, Byron MarketPlace, is selling NEEDs $12 car wash for just $7... Wendy and I got in on the deal!  

Have you recently joined and not yet received your Team R.E.D. Shirt?  Bonus... you'll get a car wash too! 

The Week Ahead! 

Monday 5:30pm:  The Hillbillies are meeting again at the parking lot of Edina Realty near TJ Maxx for repeats that only make you stronger!  Join them.. then join Monday Maniacs crew at Wild Bills!
Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Wild Bills for a Run and/or Walk.... followed by a great social!  Wild Bills has $5 Burger Night on Mondays, and they are yummy!
Tuesday 6pm: TerraLoco is hosting Ladies Night!  It's bound to be fun!  The first 100 women to arrive receive a gift bag!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Trail Crew is heading to White Water State park for an evening of Snow, Slush, Mud!  Bring your running shoes.. as it's unlikely to be a snowshoe event.  Meet at the Nature Store parking lot, and plan on a social at Mauer Bros! - Always fun!
Wednesday 6pm:  Progressive Run from Broadway Pizza! This location is a very good one for the workout as it allows us to get off icey paths/sidewalks and onto a more private roadway.   We'll run from Broadway to the IBM Perimeter Road.. approx 1/2 mile to get there.. then 2.5 miles around!  Consider 2-to-3 loops of progressing faster each mile!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to Billotti's Pub and Grill!  It's a new location, formerly known as Beer Bellyz and/or Players located at 821 Civic Center Drive...   We'll play frogger across Civic Center Drive and then run and/or walk the trails along the creek!   - We will plan on a social as well.   Tonight a few of us met the owners of the restaurant, and they're excited to host!

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