Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Week Ahead!

First off.. congrats to all those competing today!  I know there were some at Harvest Classic and others at Superior Trail runs!  

I have not seen official results from Superior Trail yet but have seen some great pics of the event!
On the other hand, we have seen some results from the Harvest Classic.. additionally, the harvest classic crew reported spotting other red members as well.. they are simply not captured in these pics.

All finishers of a the Super Trail Marathon - Rugged. Remote. Relentless.
Congrats (left to right) Meagan, Tohnia, Tod, Mike, Chris, Sarah, Adam, Jen!  

Jess & Dan at the Harvest Run...  1st Place overall each in gender and race! 

Left to right from the Harvest Run.. Alexis, Wendy, Sarah (2nd overall female, 1st in Age Group)..
Jim and Tom (2nd Overall Male, 1st in Age Group)

The stories coming from these races will surely be worth hearing!

  • Sunday 7:30am - Off Season Striders are gathering at Panera South for 5-6 mile'ish run.  Join them and get back in for the chatter. 
  • Sunday - Rochester Track Club hosts their annual picnic.  See details below. 
    • Celebrate the season by joining other Rochester Track club members for the annual picnic this coming Sunday! Hot dogs, burgers, chips, pop, water and paper goods are all provided!   Please bring a side dish or sweet treat to share!
    • The picnic will be held at 5pm at Soldiers Field Park picnic shelter.     Please consider coming early  and getting trashed! RTC Volunteers will be meeting at 4:30pm  to do a quick (but always fun) trash pick-up on the bike trail adjacent to  Broadway and Hwy 14 (along the golf course).  We'll meet  in the small Soldiers Field Park parking lot  on Broadway, directly west of Snappy Stop.    Trash bags and latex gloves are provided.  Hope to see you there!
  • Monday 6pm: Monday Maniacs are gathering at Kathy's Pub in Rochester!  For the run/walk gather in front of Kathy's.. and then post workout, enjoy the stairs to that rooftop for the fun! 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Trail crew is heading to Bill Barnacle State Woodland just outside of Rochester.  The easiest way to get there is to meet the crew at the BP in Marion at 6pm and carpool/caravan.  Meet in the township of Marion, which is different then meeting on Marion Rd. 
  • Wednesday 5:45pm:  The hill work continues by meeting at Soldiers Field War Memorial parking lot and traveling the hills!  Repeat!  Sometimes there is a six pack of beer to share among the 15-20 of you! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is home hosted by the Eide's!  They are located at 27116 675th Street, Kasson.  It's a great place to run or walk from, and they have some nice wooded trails as well! 
    • The Theme is Beatle Mania!  Try to fit that theme, if not.. pick your mania and share it with others!
    • Our hosts are providing BBQ's , Munchies, Water and Pop... Bring a dish to share and your own alcoholic beverage if that's what you prefer. 
    • If you have any trouble finding this hideaway, you can call 259-4261 for help! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Mayo Open 5K takes place at Eastwood Golf Course.  This is a RTC Grand Prix event, and there is no-charge to participate! 

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