Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seriously... get on the Trolley!

There are less than 10 spots left on the trolley to the Torchlight 5K!  If you register today, you get an extra drink ticket.... I see that as good!

This race is fast, slightly downhill... and such a great team event as some of our Twin Cities members are also attending!   We also compete against other clubs throughout the state.. it's sorta awesome!  

You can register for the event at the following link.. be sure to message messenburg at if you want to get on the trolley (and you want to get on the trolley)!

If you want to race for the Team RED race team in the USATF team circuit..... you'll get 15 bucks off your registration... that's half of your USATF membership, let's do it!   To race for RED it really doesn't matter how fast you are, we just want to field teams, and compete against other clubs throughout the state.  It's very fun!

To register for USATF you can visit and make sure you tie your membership to team #435 Team RED.... note, there is a Minnesota RED... you can sign up for them too, but I prefer you pic Team RED.  

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