Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Team R.E.D. followed up the fantastic TC Marathon weekend, with Rock 'n Roll performances at Whistlestop and Big Woods Trail run! 

Before we get to the results... let's take a peek at opportunities coming this week.
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs have a treat lined up to celebrate the fall racing success!   See the notes from Ramsey below.
    • Meet at Chris Ramsey's place WoodRidge Apartments 2804 2nd Street SW in Rochester. We will run or walk past Beatles, Dooleys, Kathy's then to Brothers. You can stop and wait for the pack at any of these places because we will be stopping at each one on the way back to collect people. We will end the run at Beatles on 2nd street with food and more fun.
  • Tuesday 6:20pm:  The Tuesday Trail crew is heading to Viola!   See the notes from Mason below.
  • It's getting darker so we'll hop onto asphalt for a test of our headlamps. If we start in Viola the trail goes slightly uphill at 1st, but then we turn around and cruise back down to finish :) Check out the map for the meeting spot.. while the address says Eyota... know that mace says it's right in front of the Viola Town Hall.

Special Note:  Tuesday is also the Hiawatha Valley League Cross Country Conference Meet....   Here's to great races for all those high school athletes who have committed to the season!  They all work their tails off!  

Donut Run for the Byron Bears!   Next's years event will move to the spring.. stay tuned!

  • Wednesday Long Run? - Tom Woo is looking for a long run on Wednesday morning.  If you're interested in getting some long miles mid week, you can connect with Tom via facebook,   He's planning to start early, so if you're interested in some before work miles, get connected with Tom.
  • Wednesday 5:30pm;  Speed work on the track in Byron.   Come ready to run a ladder workout.. it's about a 6.3 mile workout, with 3 miles of speed.... 2 miles of it warmup/cooldown and the balance is recovery from the speed portions.
    •                        1 Mile warmup
    • 400M hard  -  200M recover
    • 800M hard   - 400M recovery
    • 1200M hard  - 400M recovery
    • 1200M hard - 400M recovery
    • 800M hard - 400M recovery
    • 400M hard - 1 mile cool down
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. hits the Bears Den and we are hosted by Active PT for the evening!   The team at Active PT wants to say "Thanks" for all your support in their efforts to be a part of this active community, as well as saying "way to go" for the accomplishments so many members have attained!    Active PT is picking up appetizers and a round of drinks!  Awesome!
Our routes will be the normal variety of 3, 4 or 6 miles.   If you have headlamps... this is the time to start bringing them out.. by the end of the run, you may still be able to see, but you'd like to make sure cars see you too! 


Last Thursday we were hosted by Randy and Jan Fett!  Thanks so much for the hospitality!   It was a great place to run.. as we ran a loop that took us from Kasson to Mantorville, and of course, back!  

A warm welcome to Christina as she joined Team R.E.D. on Thursday!   Christina is kneeling on the left hand side of the picture below.  Welcome Christina! 

The Fett's had recently returned from a trip to Rome where Randy ran a marathon!  He was honored and recognized along with some of the other international runners.  Of those pictured, to the best of our knowledge, Randy ran the shortest marathon of them all!  (you'll have to ask him to explain that!).

International Randy!  He's the fast guy on the left!

On to the celebrations! 
Aylssa brought some great post race treats for Team R.E.D. at Whistlestop... I love the creativity! 

Reports out of Ashland Wisconsin are something like this... I sure hope I don't miss anyone!  (if I do, bail me out, and I'll add those results).    PR = Personal Record   BQ = Boston Qualifier  NYC = New York City guaranteed entry.

Full Marathon
  • Lorelei - PR & BQ!   She also scored 1st place in her Age Group! 
  • Dave - PR!   He's edging closer and closer to the Boston Qualifier!  He will get this!

Half Marathon & 10K
  • Gwen - PR, BQ & NYC!   She also rocked a 3rd place Masters
  • Chris - PR... by like 6 minutes.. he is PR'ing every race he runs!
  • Andy - Paced Gwen to her fantastic results!
  • Sarah - Excellent Half Marathon and extreme celebration type!
  • Tohnia - kills the half marathon...  13.1 got nothing on her!
  • Jim - one of the best spectators ever!
  • Lonna - hammers the half marathon!
  • Dan - another great race!  He loves chasing Lonna
  • Sandy - crushed the corridor in the 10K.. looking for more 10K runners next year!
  • Elaine - Kicks it again! Running yet another fantastic half marathon! 
  • Marv - I didn't find him in the results but see him in the pic below, I'm guessing Marv was an awesome spectator!
  • Jill - Pounding out a fantastic half marathon! 
  • Diana - Rocked the half with her sister Grace!
  • Grace - Rocked the half with her sister Diana!
  • Alyssa - 1st in Age Group - knocking the Half Marathon out of the park!

Here are a bunch of Team R.E.D. enjoying Ashland Wisconsin!

At the Big Woods were a mix of Team R.E.D. and SE MN Trail runners.    Page and Aaron Reeves, Lanna Lappi, Matt Russell, Oliver Tobin, Mike Zarling and Jim Mason all took to the trail!   Mike ran a 1:35 half on the trail for 2nd in his age group!   1:35 on a trail is crusing!  
Mason reported it was a blast to participate in the event... .and their crew had a great time!

At the TC Marathon and 10 Mile a week ago.... more amazing things happened!   Given a week has passed I will not recount them all..    In all 29 Team R.E.D. members ran the 10 mile!   9 Team R.E.D. members conquered the full marathon!   What a great turnout from the club!  

A few super highlights that should be noticed are below...
  • Joe crushed the marathon with a 10 minute PR!  Running a 3:02!
  • Peter also brought home a giant PR coming in with a pedestrian 2:54! 
  • Chris gave himself a 7 minute PR in the 10 Mile! 
  • Gwen crushed the 10 mile.. setting another PR and again, gaining Age Group recognition! 
  • Tom O' had to stop to tie his shoe - rookie! 
Team R.E.D. enjoys the post 10 mile.. awaits teammates in the marathon.

Tom, Ryan and Sarah all ran a super 10 mile... now all smiles!


On that same weekend of TC Marathon and 10 Mile... Corrine was cruising at the Lakefront Marathon (her and Justin just celebrated their 1 year anniversary!)     Meanwhile Jim Li found himself running in upstate NY!  Sipping champagne post race.  

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