Thursday, October 24, 2013

If you're working for the weekend.... it's here!

What a great week... with more opportunities this weekend! 

Thursday's Team R.E.D. was a little light in attendance, but the quality of the people was supreme!  Additionally Eaters and Drinkers showed up after the workout.... also note, John and Dan are not the same person, typically we only see one at a time, but they both showed up!  

Also, Team R.E.D. was spotted volunteering and spectating at the Sections Cross Country meet... I love watching high school runners sharing their passion, their gifts... very fun!

This weekend, along with the local races listed in the previous posts, you can connect with Off Season Striders... OSS is typically 5-8 miles, but you can make it want you want.  It's always great people! 

Saturday Oct. 26th      Panera North @    7:30am  - 
Sunday Oct. 27th        Dunn Bros. Elton Hills  @ 8am
Best wishes to all of you racing this weekend!   Members are all over the place... you are an inspiring bunch... awesome to know you all!
  • Hang Ten at Surf the Murph!
  • Storm Marine Corp Marathon!
  • Haunt the Monster Dash!
  • Spook the Spirit Run!
  • Don't get Lost on the Lost Creek Trail Run!

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