Saturday, October 19, 2013

Many Thanks to Active PT!

Last Thursday night was a beautiful evening for a run or walk.... and members turned out to enjoy it!

Additionally, Active PT stopped in and gave us a brief talk on Active Warmup/Stetching.... then off we went.  Upon our return to the Den, Active PT picked up appetizers and a whole lot of beverages!  That sure was nice... Many thanks to Joan and her team!  

If you want to learn more about what they do, just ask one of many R.E.D. members who occasionally find themselves as patients.  Or follow this link

Bears Den - E.D. portion of the evening. 
 Team R.E.D. was spotted running the Warrior Waddle 5K.  This picture is lifted off Kristine's facebook page.  
Ryan, Sarah, Krsitine, Ron, Tom & Alex
Here's to some great races in Mankato!  Go Team R.E.D.!   Jill has already identified her #1 fan.    Here's Esme ready for the big race!
#1 Fan!
What's this week looking like?  Check it out below....
    • Note: For the evening runs... you'll want to be thinking about reflective, bright clothing.. as well as headlamps, as it gets pretty dark by the time the run comes to an end! 
  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs fear no weather!   Join us at 6pm from WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester (located on the back side of the Ramada, near the TJ Maxx Plaza).  -- plan to head out along the Mayowood trail.
  • Tuesday 6pm:   TerraLoco is hosting a 5K fun run... and providing beverages post run!  Team R.E.D. is providing a sound system with music... should be a really fun time!   There is a $5 cost to participate... come on out and join the fun!  
    • Currently no Wednesday evening speework is scheduled.  If you want to get some speed, I suggest joining us Tuesday at TerraLoco and crank out a 5K! 
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is in Rochester this week... location still TBD but you know you can plan on a nice run or walk, followed by some fun! 

Into the weekend there will be runs with Off Season Striders, as well as some local racing!  - 

Lost Creek Hiking Trail Run Oct 26th, 2013
Groen Park, Chatfield Mn

9:00 AM Start
2013 Spirit Run Oct 26th, 2013
1K 9am

10K 9:30am

5K 9:35am

Holy Spirit School

Additionally, members are heading to Surf the Murph Trail 25K/50K/50 Mile.... with others heading to the nations capitol to run the Marine Corp Marathon! 

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