Friday, May 12, 2017

What a week!

We not only saw wonderful weather.. we saw great turnouts too!  Thursday night was hopping from the Freight Yard with Team R.E.D. and the TriRochester crew socializing in the same space..

The next link you see is a 100%  plug / request / plea for you to please consider registering or donating to the Donut Run!  It's being held on a Sunday afternoon, June 4th 1pm, and the weather is sure to be perfect!

As many of you know, this run supports the Byron Cross Country training training trip that I like to keep at such an affordable rate that every athlete can afford it! Our athletes workout 2-3 times a day, set their team goals, set their personal goals, and run a time trial... new this year, that time trial is held on Madeline Island!  -- more importantly, they start the season with a full understanding of each other, and sense of team.  

Whether or not you can attend the event, there is a "donate" button... !

Here's what's coming up this weekend...

Saturday 7:15am:  The Marathon Training long run get's it rolling from the Rochester Athletic Club.  This is by far the best option for a long run! - supported with volunteers and run with friends.
Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are heading to 5-West for a Mothers Day run!  Get your run on, enjoy a social and celebrate the day!

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