Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

A bit of "What's Ahead" can be found following the pictures below.   I guess I'm playing a little catch up with pics of the Team out and about crushing it!

There were a lot of great results at Grandmas Marathon & Half Marathon!  Of course, it was a ton of fun to be with so many teammates in Duluth!  Complete searchable results can be found at

A special thanks to ServiceMaster Clean of Rochester for buying drinks after Grandmas Marathon!  It might have been the time we had the  most Team R.E.D. members in one spot the entire weekend!   Nothing like a free drink or two to keep this group smiling!

Sonja, Jen and Kris with a bit of carb loading!-- It should be noted, Jenny is one of our newest Team R.E.D. Members!  Welcome!  

Lorelei with the Newlyweds, Tom & Megan

Marve & Jill - all smiles! 

Monica loving some 5K spectating while anticipating her own race!

Kristine always strong to the finish!

Lorelei rockin on with her socks on! 

Marissa on her way to a huge PR!

Another race.. another PR for Sarah!

Marv & Teri teamwork to the finish!

Cathy crushes another finish line! 

The early arrivals have more time for beer!


While some were at Grandmas.. others were at the RochesterFest Tri!  Below you see Sarah and Dani as team 2fast2furious  a.k.a. Champions! 

Dani getting it started!

Sarah getting it finished! 


This past week also provided the RocehsterFest 1 Mile for Camp Olson.  This event is directed by Shaun Palmer... great work Shaun!  

Shaun giving pre-race instructions at the Camp Olson 1 Mile
Wally is entertained by Toms request for an Age Graded timing system
And they're off! 

Lauren, Roger, Ann, Sarah, Tom, Gwen, Sonja, Oliver


The Spartan Race took place at Afton Ski Resort... and Cross Fit Progression showed up with huge numbers!  Nice work to that group!  Among them are some Team R.E.D. members loving the low crawl through the mud!  

Millie and Travis getting ready to get ready! 
David Sletten navigates his way!

Millie Birr is wondering if her shorts are still on! 

Travis Birr says... Been here, Done this! 

Helene Neville cruises through Byron on her way around the perimeter of the U.S.A.   This is her final leg of the journey which she'll complete in September.  Whew.. that's a long time to be running, and often alone!   - She did make a comment about how she only  has 1760 miles to go, and that resulted in 10 push-ups for minimizing the distance... Thanks to Lauren Nepstad for doing the pushups with her!  

You can read more about Helene's challenge and mission at

We made it! 
We escorted her to the County Line... our group stopped there to avoid any possible parole violations

While the above pic provided courtesy of Jim Li are very nice... my favorite is this attempted picture courtesy of Dave Eide. It should be noted, Dave is really good at standing on his head!

There was also a news clip on KAAL TV that is pretty good, tells her story and shows the Team R.E.D. support of her efforts.   If you're on Facebook you likely already saw this, if not.. here is the link! 


Ok ok.. that's enough pictures!   Here's a look at the next few days!

  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is running and walking from the Bears Den in Byron!  Plan on routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles (or whatever suits you for that matter!)
  • Saturday 7am:  The RAC run provides a long run opportunity for Marathon and Half Marathon training.  Bring $1 to help support the bananas and Gatorade provided along the routes!  I haven't seen the official schedule, but I anticipate this weeks' long run for marathoners will be between 13-15 miles, with the half marathoners in the neighborhood of 7 miles.
  • Saturday 8am:  The Stewartville Summerfest Races are ready to roll with a 5 Mile, 3 Mile and 1/2 Mile kids race!   More details at
  • Saturday 8am:  The Harmony Hustle is also ready to roll complete with a 5K and a 1K kids challenge!   More details here..
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders is heading to Panera South.  It provides great access to the trails and off we go!  All are welcome regardless of pace or distance!  Be sure to join the post workout coffee! 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs is heading to Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street.  Join the fun!  Let's run or walk, and come back for the social!
  • Monday 6pm:  Members of the hill workout crew are meeting at the Andy's Liquor store on 2nd Street and Circle Drive.  They will shuttle from there to Byron and do a downhill run from Byron to Rochester!  - You can join this fun.. and then head over to Beetles to join the Monday Maniac crew too! Check back for start time and meeting location.
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The TerraLoco 5K series continues to rock it!  Come support your local running store, and support a local charity!
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The All-Comers Track Meet takes place at Century High School.  Bring your kids, and watch them smile!  - Also, volunteers are always welcome as they have had over 1000 kids participate in the first 3 meets, it keeps everyone hopping!  Contact Gwen or Ann to volunteer!,
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail crew is heading to Whitewater State Park because it's awesome!  Meet at the Nature Store parking lot.  Join the fun on the trails and stick around for the social!
  • Wednesday 6pm:  Byron's All-Comers Track Meet takes place at the Byron Middle School.   Bring your kids and enjoy!  - Also, we'd love to see you as a volunteer!  This is the last of the All-Comers meets in Byron, don't miss it!  Please email me at if you'd like to volunteer!
    • This event means there is no track workout (speed workout) schedule in Byron that night. If anyone is interested in host a speed session or any other group run, please let me know and I'll be sure to publish it.  Otherwise... Volunteer! 

Looking further out..

  • July 10-12th - The Minnesota Nut House Challenge is taking place as a new event in Rochester!  More details can be found here
  • July 16th - The Team R.E.D. Beer Mile is ready to rock!  Come for the beer, running and music!  Let's have some fun!    Online registration is open at the following link.  If you're planning to attend, please pre-register, it helps a lot to anticipate the numbers we're expecting.  Join our great race directors in Dan Mesenburg and Jen Schrandt!  
    • Garrett does a nice job explaining how the beer mile works. He's been missing in action, we'd sure love to see more of Garrett!   
    • While that was a good explainations, the ladies in the following link do a better job of getting to the point
    • We will be kicking off our Team R.E.D. renewal season during the Beer Mile, so get renewed and receive your Risky Business Sunglasses as part of your renewal!  - they are printed with Walk, Run, Eat, Drink, Dance!  
  • July 18th - Byron Good Neighbor Days 5K and 2.5K walk/run located at the Middle School in Byron! Always a great event and it's directed by Team R.E.D. member Charro Coleman! 
  • July 19th - Byron Good Neighbor  Days FREE Kids mile and parade!The schedule is below. 
    • 1pm - Join us at the O'Leary's about 1pm for a backyard planning session, complete with yard games and beer. 
    • 2:35pm - Kids Mile directed by Team R.E.D. 
    • 3pm - Parade, Team R.E.D. marches with our banner and a few fun chants!  Does anyone have some new material for the chants? 

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