Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Milestone achieved!

A few weeks ago, we reported Amy had run her furthest distance ever, along with partner in crime, Ann.  Well, this past weekend, Amy achieved her goal of running a full marathon!   Congrats to Amy and her man, Dan... as he also experienced the full marathon!   They will both have stories to share, I'm sure....

Below are a couple pics lifted from Facebook (I forgot to ask permission)....  but I'm feeling like these are safe to share...

Amy and Dan post marathon - looking good! 

Personalized menu... very nice touch! 
Next up, for these two and several other Team R.E.D. members is a run in Disney... or four runs! Several are doing the Dopey, consisting of a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, all on consecutive days!  Wow!   Go get it done!


If you haven't see KTTC News recently you might have missed a great story surrounding Monday Maniacs.... the station wanted to follow some runners, to see if they are truly going to brave these sub zero wind chills, and you guessed it... Monday Maniacs were out and about right on schedule!  click the link below to see it.. or visit the Team RED facebook page for another chance to view it.

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