Thursday, December 5, 2013

Been Busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.. been a little hectic sort of week, but it'll all sort itself out in time!

  • Tonight at 6pm - we're at the Bears Den in Byron!   I love going to the Den... they, along with our other great sponsors are amazing!
  • This weekend from an event perspective - you can come back to Byron for Brrrrr Fest!    It's complete with a lot of family fun including Santa, the Byron Bear, tree lighting and photography at the roundabout plaza, cookies, hot chocolate and cider.. oh yeah, and an Ice Bar for the adult types.  Also, a free cup of chilli at the Bears Den!   Check out the full schedule at the following link. 
  • This weekend from a fitness perspective - Off Season Striders!   
    • Saturday 7:30am - Charlies on 2nd (across from St Mary's on 2nd street).  If you chicken out for the run, show up for breakfast anyway, sometime around 9am!  
    • Sunday 8am - Dunn Bros on Elton Hills.  The hills might help us warm up!
I heard rumor the Predict your time Run on Jan 4th is a little slow in registrations.  This event is so much fun!  The winner is not necessarily the fastest, but the winner is the one who predicts their time the most accurately... get out and get registered!  

You can learn more, and register by visiting

The next person to register for the prediction run... wins a $15 gift card to the Bears Den!  Get it done! 


I'd like to Thank Don for taking on the role of 2014 Home Host Coordinator.    You will see information on which dates are available in the spring.

If anyone is interested in any of the other volunteer opportunties we're still seeking several Water Station leads.  It's a pretty easy task, that always leads to smiles and fun along the way!

You can see more details on the November 30th post, but in short, the first few items up include Lace Up Against Breast Cancer, Fetzer Run to End Hunger and the Chester Woods trail races.     Please drop me an email at if you can lead one of these stations.   

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