Monday, January 30, 2017

Rest of the week!

Whew... it's been a fast moving weekend, time to look at the rest of this week!

Monday 6pm:  Tonight the Maniacs are meeting at Brothers Bar & Grill.  Be sure to park in the back lot, as that's where you'll find the others!  Come back for the social after your run or walk - the social is the best!
Tuesday 6:15pm: Chatfield's Lost Creek Trail is the scene of the Tuesday Trail Crew. This has become one of the favorite spots! Come enjoy, and stay for the afters!
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls have found a wonderful home in Beetles Bar & Grill.  This location gives them great options for the run, and the post run fun! Join the crew!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. brings the show to Byron.  Join us at the Bears Den for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles and let's hang out after! - Remember, with all events you can run or walk!  We're all starting and finishing at the same space.

This past Sunday's Snow Shoe gathering was a lot of fun.  about 1 hr 45 minutes of traversing the landscape of Oxbow! One thing I would caution is this:  Just because your friend are walking on the ice, doesn't mean you have too!  -- if the snow sticks around, we'll plan another outing on Superbowl Sunday!

The crew getting ready.. and one young one being lazy! 

Justin.. making his first Team R.E.D. appearance since joining us at the Beer Mile! 

Dave finding his way 'off trail' - which of course is very fun! 

Mike reminding us it's nearly spring based on his winter gear! 

Emily giggling at the banter of the ladies behind her! 

Diane, Meg, Wendy and Elaine always have it going on! 

Meagan and Gregg coming on strong over he hill. 

Lorelei showing Brain how it's done - this was Brians first day ever on snowshoes! 

Brian and Megan making sure the snow is cold enough to walk on! 

a time to climb... 

a time to take a break.. 

Steve, Mike, Don, Dan, Mike all seem to enjoy breaks! 

As do Meagan, Brian, Elaine, Gregg, Meg and Dave!

 And the much talked about River Crossing - it was going so well until those last couple of strides...

Almost there!
Oh $%&* ! 

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