Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Warming up!

Be sure to get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures!

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to Broadway Pizza along Hwy 52 frontage road, just north of 41st Street NW.  Join us for a run or walk at 6pm... but if you can't make 6pm join us around 7pm for Eat. Drink. and just tell the host you're with Team R.E.D.  - we have reservations for the bar side seating.
Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders are going to Brothers Bar & Grill.   Park in back and let's get a run on!  - as always come back for a great social post run.
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders is heading to Dunn Bros North on Elton Hills Drive... we'll get out for some more miles, and circle back for the social!
Sunday Snowshoe:   Dependent on the temperature the next couple days, we'll decide if a snowshoe event is on for Sunday or not. -- Check back for updates!


  • Team R.E.D. in the News:   Helene Neville is the guest speaker at this years Rochester Track Club Banquet.  She's a cancer survivor, as well as a nurse.  Below is a story that was in the Mayo Clinic media "In the Loop"   It contains a nice mention of Team R.E.D. - click the link to read the story here.
    • The RTC Banquet is Feb 6th - 6pm at the Kahler Apache Event Center (this is in the complex near Wildwood Bar & Grill).    You do not need to be a Rochester Track Club Member to attend the banquet, but they will certainly welcome you if you decide to join!   Cost of of the banquet is $20 and with that you'll get a wonderful meal, catered by Canadian Honker, along with a chance to see the awards and hear Helene speak.  
  • Your Pace or Mine? - If you have interest in pacing one of  3 Half Marathons and 1 Full in 2016 you should consider joining the TerraLoco Pace team!  You can join the team and help support other runners on their way to reaching their goals.  To do so contact:  and you can check out their Facebook page at

  • Grandmas Marathon Weekend... 
    • Gwen is gathering the details as to how we can book our rooms at the dorms.  This has been a popular, and super fun place to stay as a group over the past several years.  Hopefully if you're going to Grandmas you can join the Dorm Group! (these are not your regular dorms, more like apartments/suites with multiple bedrooms).  - Gwen has been our leader the past few years with the lodging, and before that the effort was taken on by Randy... we sure appreciate what they both have done for the club over the years! 
    • If you previously registered for Grandmas Marathon and want to race for Team R.E.D. as part of USA Track & Field - Please send me an email at - I will send a complete list of Team R.E.D. marathoners to the USATF team and make sure you are counted in the scoring.  
    • If you are registered for Grandmas Full marathon and are not interested in joining the USA Track & Field team, please reconsider!  Its super fun to compete as a team and see how we fare against other clubs throughout the state. 
  • What do you mean when you say "Race for Team R.E.D. as part of USA Track & Field ?
    • Team R.E.D. is registered as a USATF club.  With that, any of our members who want to join USATF as individuals and associate with our club, can race for us.  There's a series of races in which all the USATF clubs get guaranteed entry, and typically, a preferred start and discount off your entry fee.   (depending on which or how many races you run, you'll get much of your membership fee back in discounts).  
    • What races are involved in the USATF series?  Below is a list of the races. 
  • Saturday, March 19 - O'Gara's Irish Run 8K 
  • Saturday, April 30 - Get In Gear 10K - 
  • Weeknight, May TBD  - Medtronic TC 1 Mile 
  • Monday, May 30 - Brian Kraft Memorial 5 km 
  • Saturday, June 18 - Grandma's Marathon 
  • Wednesday, July 20 - Life Time Fitness Torchlight 5 km 
  • Sunday, August 7 - MDRA 15K - 
  • Monday, September 5 - Victory Labor Day Races 10K
  • Sunday, September 11Jeff Winter City of Lakes Half Marathon 
  • Sunday, October 9Medtronic TC 10 Mile -
  • Sunday, October 16 - Fort Snelling 15K Relay 

  • Several of these races are in the Twin Cities so we often carpool or caravan (or occasionally, rent a bus!)  
  • How has Team R.E.D. fared in competition?  - We do really well at the Torchlight 5K, Twin Cities 10 Mile and Grandmas Marathon.  Some of the other events we don't fill up our team as well as we'd like to and sometimes receive no score. - which has a direct correlation as to where we finish in the team standings. 
  • In 2016.... 
    • Men were 6th out of 8 teams in the Open Division 
    • Men were 4th out of 8 teams in the 40+ Division. 
    • Women were 5th out of 8 teams in the Open Division
    • Women were 9th out of 14 in 40+ Division. 
  • I'm not very fast, and I don't want to hurt the team so I am not sure if I should join.  - BS!  It's nothing to worry about... in some cases, regardless of speed, you might actually help us field a complete team and show a score!  - Slow or fast you are helping! 
  • I want to help improve the Team R.E.D. results.  How do I join?   Visit and associate yourself with Team R.E.D. #435
O'Garas Irish Run 8K registration is open and this is the 1st race in the USATF series!  If you race for Team R.E.D.s USATF team you'll receive a $5 discount by using code USATF16 - you must have a USATF membership # to use that code.  - this is a fast course to test your speed!  


Chester Woods Mason Runs are open for registration and volunteering!  Please follow the link to get involved!  This is going to be one happening event.. be part of it!  The earlier you register, the more you're helping Team R.E.D. prepare the event to the best of our ability! - Please get out there and do it!    

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