Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nearly Naked Registration Details!

Congrats to everyone at the TC 10, TC Marathon and Portland Marathon!  Some great results across the board including multiple PR's!

Below are a couple of stolen pics via Facebook... Tom crushes the 10 Mile course... and the picture of the flag shows that there was tail wind, and a bit of extra security.  Both the 10 Mile and Marathon proceeded without incident from protesters.

Woo with the shades covering the pain in his soul. 

Always a beautiful finish at the TC Events! 


The Nearly Naked 5K Registration is ready and the Charter Bus is booked!  *Note: this event is in place of Living History Farms as many of you have requested a new bus destination... and Wendy found this!  -- We'll give it a go this year, and see what people think!

The Nearly Naked 5K is a race in which you will wear layers of clothing, and take some off at each mile marker, ending Nearly Naked! - but not worries, they will get you quickly covered in a plush robe at the finish line!   What a great way to help support a clothing drive.

  • Visit to register for the Nov 14th Nearly Naked 5K.   
  • Use the Team Red discount code to save $5 -  the code is Team Red (spelled just like that)   
  • When you register look for Team R.E.D., we just set up the team tonight, so if you don't see it on the drop down list, then Type it in the Box as Team R.E.D. (spelled just like that).  
  • Once you've registered, send me an email stating "I registered and I want on the bus!"

Cost:  Approx 70-75 bucks for race and bus ride if you register by 10/15 (then it goes up $5).
Bus Leaves/Returns When?:  It's a 12-hour trip.   We'll depart Byron at 6am ... make a stop for more people in Rochester then head east!  - if we get any takers from the Winona area, we'll pick them up along I-90... the more the merrier!  We should return at 6pm.
Free Beer?   Yes! Team R.E.D. will provide the beer!

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