Friday, August 1, 2014

Woah! Way behind on Blog Updating!

Hey!  It was a great night at Somerby!  I think at last count 37 people had joined the fun (and most went for a walk or run, while some sat down for the party from the time they arrived!

Food a drink post workout! 
Many thanks to Amy, Ann, Dan and Mike for providing the drinks and food! Surely was appreciated by many, and super fun to sit on the patio on that beautiful evening!

It was a great night for sitting still! 
I still owe you all updates on the awards from Sunday's Pentenial Celebration.. and that will still have to wait, as I need to get what's going on tomorrow in front of you now.

There are a lot of choices if you're up for a race on Saturday, take a gander!

If you are not planning to race... consider the Marathon & Half Marathon Training run starting at 7am from the RAC.  This weeks marathon distance is at 16 miles and you can check out the route at    Half Marathoners, should plan for roughly half that distance! 

Off Season Striders are at Charlies Pub & Eatery Sunday morning at 7:30am.  This is a great location to run from and gather after.  I know a few members won Charlies Gift Certificates at the Team R.E.D. Pentenial! Get out and enjoy!

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